Apartment Move IN SPECIALS

by Kyle J on May 13, 2013

That’s right! 415 of the 2000 apartments in Houston that are listed on the website are running move-in specials that can save you a significant amount of money and we have the scoop on ALL of them.

Many are offering 1-month Free rent and allowing you to prorate/divide the discount into every month so you can lower your rental rate!  Some also have zero deposits for those who qualify.  One of the best deals I’ve seen lately is $99 dollars per month for the first two months when you sign a 14-month lease.**

Everyone likes choices right?  We can do choices so here’s how we can help:

We’ve been helping people find apartments in Houston for over 20 years and its all here, waiting for you so make the choice.  Online, Email or Give us a call.

** Move in specials are constantly changing so be sure and call to confirm.  I know its a “data world” we live in but its definitely beneficial to call and get up to the minute low-down on the deals.

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