About Us – 19 Years of History

Houston Apartments started as a brick and mortar Apartment Locating Company back in 1994 and had 6 full time agents. It was in 1995 that we had our first website built to try and seek out new customers and as the Internet was progressing; our site also went through a few different looks over the next several years.

Then disaster struck and we were swamped, literally!

Unfortunately, we were a victim of one of the greatest flood events in Houston history, and were forced to close up the store front and move our services to “online only.”  Tropical storm Allison came ashore in June of 2001 and dumped over 35 inches of rain in a 28-hour period that left parts of Houston underwater for weeks! This was the same storm that flooded the Houston Medical center and most all the hospitals in that district had their entire basements flooded to the ceilings for weeks.  In our area, there was so much water that huge carp (fish) were being caught out in the parking by hand by some of the locals.  Our office was flooded with five feet of water and we lost it all; furniture, files, computers, phone equipment, all customer information, everything!

We were located in a retail shopping center and it took the owners near two months to repair the damage. They had to haul away tons of trash, cut out and replace the wet sheetrock, and paint.  Our agents were forced to work out of their homes and it was tough because we relied on a lot of walk-up business.    Two of our agents had to get real jobs and quit and after the clean up, we really struggled in the hardest hit area of Central and East Houston.    We closed up the store for good in the fall of 2001 and decided to revamp the website again for an “online only” presence.

After a few more years we realized that we were just like everyone else online and didn’t really stand out or fully serve the customer. In our entire history our motto had always been “Customer first.”  We also realized  more times than not, that people still wanted to have a “live person” with whom they could speak to or meet with to ask questions and get experienced help.  You were asking for someone who could point out good restaurants, nightlife, best social apartments (and quiet ones), school districts and good neighborhoods. We were missing that critical element of the free personal service that you get from qualified & licensed Apartment Locators.

In 2006, the domain owner of  Houston Apartments  partnered with a local Apartment Locating service; Renters Resource Inc. that offers both an online database of apartments and personalized service.  Renters Resource provides all of the content and brokerage services, while the domain owner supports Renters Resource with website services.

This website connects your searches to real time apartment data with prices, floor plans, availability, and discounted information.  There are over 2000 apartments to choose from and if you feel overwhelmed or want some advise to be sure your getting what you want and not missing anything, feel free to contact us by phone at 713-785-0070 or email for Free personalized service!