Apartment Insurance

Don’t be CHEAP or STUPID

My dog knocked over my halogen floor lamp and my apartment and four other units were severely damaged from the fire that resulted. I was sued by the apartments and the four other residents and a judgment for $239,000 was recorded in Harris county court against me because I was responsible for my apartment.

I was cheap and stupid because I didn’t want to pay $13 per month for coverage. Now my life is ruined and my wages will be garnished 20% per month until the judgment is paid. At my current wage I will be paying $400 monthly for 598 months. Get renters Insurance or get SUED.

Renters insurance for Houston Apartments is a necessity if you value your possessions and/or don’t want to be sued for an amount that will HAUNT you throughout life. That’s the consequence if something in your apartment causes a fire. How would you like to make restitution payments for LIFE? It can happen to YOU and it happens every day.

According to the National Fire protection Association back in 2005, a residential fire occurs every 80 seconds in America. Over 3000 civilians died in these fires and nationwide, there was a fire death every 143 minutes and fire related injuries every 29 minutes. There was over 6.8 billion in damages to residential property. There is a huge amount of liability if something in your home caused a fire whether you were negligent or not. Fires can start from things beyond your control like Appliance fires, pets, and children.

In Houston and for as little as .50 cents a day you can insure yourself from a life ruining experience. Rates will vary somewhat in different venues, age of apartment construction, type of apartment construction, etc. There are many renter insurance company providers and I would shop around a bit but you can get an online insurance quote for starters. It’s not worth being cheap or stupid. You will sleep better at night.

J. Jackson – Houston