Houston Apartment Ratings

Are Apartment Reviews Helpful? You Should Consider the Source first!

Apartment ratings are growing and negative reviews seem to dominate the web so to find information that you can rely on is going to take a little more effort.   One MUST consider the source  first!

3 types of reviewers:

  1. There are the ones that seem to dominate every review I’ve ever seen on the apartment internet sites and presumably, they are current or past apartment tenants themselves. One explanation of why the reviews seem so lopsided is because we rarely praise good service and scold the bad.  Some tenants can be great & some unruly. There are a couple of types that need to be addressed, (I) is the tenant that is just plain rowdy, they have loud parties that cause disturbances, are loud and obnoxious and are only concerned about themselves. There was a certain age that all of us went through and can relate to. (II) Then there is the tenant that is never satisfied. The constant complainer, the tenant that is always calling the office. Both of these can leave nasty reviews if they don’t get their way and of course if they are reprimanded for their unruly actions. Unfortunately, on the apartment review sites, there is no real rebuttal system in place like on EBAY, where the Apartment management can comment on a complaint.Two of the MOST IMPORTANT things you have to remember that there is always another side to the story and most people will go out of their way to complain but unfortunately will not go out of their way to praise.
  2. Another type of reviewer is the media critic, and well, the apartment renting business is just not interesting enough to get positive media feedback.
  3. The final and what I believe would be the most accurate source of information would be to talk with friends of who currently reside or resided at the property in the past.

Ok, so you are back to square one? – You cannot trust tenant reviews, there is no media coverage or third party critics to speak of, and you have no friends or family members who can give you a heads up.

NOT TO WORRY – There are solutions!
(I) Years ago, management companies had you sign and 6 -12 month lease and you were locked into a contract. Today, there are still contracts but many Apartments in Houston actually offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. There are several management companies on this site offer this (peace of mind) benefit.

(II) Sign a short term lease (usually 1-3 months) in order for you to have an earlier exit strategy if it doesn’t go quite as you expected. The only problem with short term leases is that most always charge a premium for shorter terms but you could just consider this like an insurance policy against a bad experience and a way to get out.

Final Thought You can read reviews and be misinformed, or get a referral from a friend or relative and/or focus on the management companies who offer satisfaction guarantees.

Good Luck!